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Finding the Light

A young man finding his way

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28 August 1980
Extra Special. Difficult. Hard to get to know. None of these words apply. I actually don't know what applies, but i'm pretty sure others have words. Get to know me, start reading. See what happens.

I live in Andersonville with my best friend chilawbear, who is only a bear in spirit and in baked goods. I do not have a view of the lake in either case. I can walk to it though. I used to share an apartment with my significant other, and i used to be a lone wolf, but now i have two dogs to be wolfish around. I think thats where i will be for a while. I work Customer Service for an aviation company. I am just starting. Update:Um, i'm entrenched now. Update again: Um, now I feel like I've been here years. See how quick it happens.

As time passes and my journal grows not just in words but in connotations, it evolves into a sentient being. It thinks aloud and edits out my words, creating new meanings that i could not have thought of. It does this in hopes that six months from now when i read back, new things will pop out at me and in the best of words, i will learn.

Also, my journal reaches out and touches other journals, leaving in some a bitter tastes and in others a profound connection. Do not be offended if my journal doesn't like you, that doesn't mean I don't...just that the journal's is finicky and stubborn. Its only been around a few years, it doesn't know how to be polite just yet. But its also been around long enough that its allowed to be cranky from time to time.

And i hope it never grows up, this is the place where i can be selfish and talk about me. All those who do not enjoy self-indulgence move on.

I also write alot. Alot. Get used to it.

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