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Guilty/Table of Contents
So, today decided to feature this blog. I feel a bit guilty not because of the attention, but because i haven't written anything lately that could be counted as showing "a talent for analyzing and defining the chub and bear community. His writing is among the most insightful you'll find on the ins and outs of being a chaser, combined with his great wit as he accounts his daily life."

But i've offered more content in the past:

the Theory tag has much of the heavy lifting in my LJ.
the Boys tag has exactly what you expect - me talking about boys.
the Gay tag has some of the gay-centered theory stuff.
the Chaserdom tag is growing, but will take time as i go through old post and re-tag.
the Writing tag has some of the meatier things i've written.
The Movies tag has movie reviews, or at least my version of reviews, which end up more like thoughts spurred by movies.
the Portraits tag has much of the pretty people i've met/photographed.
the Dreaming tag has much of the wierdness in my head.
The random pictures are here for you, For No Reason.
I try to keep track of my memories; they sometimes lead to things.

and of course this page is useful for seeing all the things i've tagged.

This entry will update regularly, soon.

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