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New Camera
I bought a D7000.
I shot the following pics today with my 28mm f/2.8 lens. I shot most of them at high ISO because thats why i got the camera. This was with very minimal post-work (color temp, exposure, black level, but literally 5-10 seconds a photo.)
To give you an idea, I rarely went over ISO 400 on my previous camera and never over ISO 800.

ISO 100 f/2.8 1/60sec

ISO 1250 f2/8 1/100sec

ISO 6400 1/125sec, f/8.0

ISO25,600 f/18 1/80sec

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You've got the level of handsomeness turned up to about a ten. This is lethal and unsustainable. Dial it back to around an eight, so men won't beat a path to your door.

Nice glasses, too!

I'm jealous :) I'd love to have that camera... or even moreso an f2.8 lens! You're really growing as a photographer!

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