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Guilty/Table of Contents
So, today decided to feature this blog. I feel a bit guilty not because of the attention, but because i haven't written anything lately that could be counted as showing "a talent for analyzing and defining the chub and bear community. His writing is among the most insightful you'll find on the ins and outs of being a chaser, combined with his great wit as he accounts his daily life."

But i've offered more content in the past:

the Theory tag has much of the heavy lifting in my LJ.
the Boys tag has exactly what you expect - me talking about boys.
the Gay tag has some of the gay-centered theory stuff.
the Chaserdom tag is growing, but will take time as i go through old post and re-tag.
the Writing tag has some of the meatier things i've written.
The Movies tag has movie reviews, or at least my version of reviews, which end up more like thoughts spurred by movies.
the Portraits tag has much of the pretty people i've met/photographed.
the Dreaming tag has much of the wierdness in my head.
The random pictures are here for you, For No Reason.
I try to keep track of my memories; they sometimes lead to things.

and of course this page is useful for seeing all the things i've tagged.

This entry will update regularly, soon.

To recap:
And old look back at meeting Jeff for the first time. After a few months apart, I reconnected with him in Massachusetts. There was a breakdown. We fast forward, with my mind still wandering. I started therapy again.

Then in November of 2006, we got a dog. We gave the dog back. We broke up. I started looking for a new apartment. We ditched the apartment and our life together.

I met someone. I had a fun Pride. My family came to visit. I occasionally saw Jeff and it would make me different kinds of angry. I fell for the boy I met who couldn't catch me. Then he disappeared, and I started to get over it. Getting over it meant thinking about jeff and led me to think of the breakups in my life. Sometimes, I wasn't very happy. I introduced someone to Jeff and they started dating. I was happy for him.

And then Greg and I went to NYC in Oct 2007 and I went to Minneapolis and met some fun people. I decide to go to LA to visit the wonderful Charlie, renaissancey88. I spend my would-be anniversary there, and have a magic moment with Charlie. I didn't mention it, but that night, after his song, I took him into the parking lot near his van and held him close to me, right there in moonlight; we danced in the parking lot that night, and it was hard to leave him. But I did, and off to SF<"> over the next nine or so posts.</a> I arrive in San Fran and enjoy my time there.

From there, you can look at my lemming-travel post (see below) and figure out how I got from there to here. Its been two years since I broke up with Jeff. Whoa, a couple of dalliances, a frustrating short term relationship, and now, a relationship that is still both painful and lovely to remember.

Here is another version of that with a tiny bit of overlap:

Feb 2007 - Cincinatti, OH, Sloth
Aug 2007 - NYC Story
Sept 2007 - Minneapolis, MN Convergence LA Face with an Oakland Booty

At this point, there are pictures.
Oct 2007 - LA and SF, CA California Story
Dec 2007 - Indianapolis, IN Midwest Bear Fest Tight Little Body; NYC A Long December

Jan 2008 - Lafayette, Ind Things You learn in Indiana Tuscon, AZ, Fiesta 2008 (i'm especially proud of this recap.)
Feb 2008 - Washington, DC Things to Do in DC...when you're sick.
Mar 2008 - Madison, WI, Green Glass Love, Dallas, TX, TBRU TBRU Recap, Movies"
Apr 2008 - NOT Atlanta, The trip to Atlanta that Never Happened
June 2008 - Columbus, OH and thereabouts Camping: In A Tent; Roanoke, VA, Row-A-Noke
Aug 2008, Richmond, VA A Good Day in Virginia/Virginia is for Lovers

Oct 2008, Orlando, FL Working in Orlando , NYC, 4 Shows in 3 Days, Santiago, Dominican Republic, Bathing in the Rivers and later more in depth Truly Bathing in the Rivers

And then:
Nov 2008 - Barack Obama wins the General Election - Break's Over
Dec 2008 - I try 30 plays in 30 days I mostly fail.
Feb 2009 - This is ridiculous:
Thirtysomething hours in DC Yeah. Also, a seminal weekend in LA Then I moved into a new place Then. I. Went. To. Europe. For. Two. Weeks. and it was anything but Neat and Biz.
Mar 2009 -Then! Then! I went on a
Roadtrip for a week to New Orleans and Dallas. Why Dallas? For TBRU 2009, silly!
April 2009 - I did some mining of the past, reflecting on stuff...more so than usual. I was Finding The Light.
May 2009 - It's all about going to Geneva, Switzerland for work and then getting my groove on for Bear Pride 15, Witnessing the Defense
June 2009 - I went ahead and went to Vegas, and guess what? No Sinning in Sin City
July 2009 - I finally make it Georgia, a year after, and see some good rays in Ray City.
August 2009 - Saw a side trip to NYC for my b-Day and jaredricert joins me There is life outside your apartment..
September 2009 - Vegas for Convergence, an entire spectrum of options - Convergence aSpectrum
October 2009 - Went to Philly for some Brotherly Love . Went to NYC for the annual theater/show trip, Scandal in NYC
November 2009 - Went to Palm Springs to enjoy the company of awesome folks. It made you ask Ask Anyone Here.; I also go on a week-long cruise, of romance and memories, I Remember The Cruise
December 2009 - I go to Vegas with Greg chilawbear and co to celebrate my ex Jeff's library_boy's birthday - We wake up in Vegas; I go to NYC for Xmas eve and My father does not have cancer and I can't really say much about it.
Jan 2010 - My love life, falls apart, in spectacular fashion - South Georgia/Up in the Air
Feb 2010 - I go to San Francisco for IBR, and I Have Questions!/a>; I print over 200 photos.
March 2010 - I go to LA for work, and hang with many people - SoCal 2010; I go to TBRU and have adventures: TBRU Adventures
April 2010 - I go to NYC for Musical Theater joy - Its a good trip

This post will continue to be updated.
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and now time for an intro

New to your journal, and such a great post to begin with!

Oh and am TOTALLY digging your photos mate! Am a big fan of body landscapes!


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